Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Religious Believers, Humanists and Athiests Come Together in Search of COMMON GROUND

On November 8-10th, 2013 the Xaverian Missionaries of the USA and the Xaverian Missionaries of the United Kingdom are organizing a special gathering of dialogue, thoughtful insight and learning on all sides between peoples of different faiths, humanists and atheists in Coatbridge, Scotland at the Conforti Institute. 

We have invited men and women who are open to a respectful and honest dialogue, not merely a mutual tolerance. We hope to connect through our "common ground" of values and ethics we all share. It is an opportunity to build bridges of understanding and to break down the barriers of fear, born of ignorance, skepticism and indifference. In our increasingly polarizing communities, this dialogue is meant to encourage a sense of solidarity and cooperation between believers and non-believers that may be carried back into our communities. This kind of bridge building is a healing balm to our cultures and societies.

We invite others who cannot be in Scotland to join us online in this dialogue on this blog and through our twitter feed, Common Ground: #believeitornot. You can chime in any time and we hope to have the participants share their own experiences on line during the conference as well. Remarks on the blog will be reviewed before being published.